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Track your assetsin real-time

Car fleet management

Localize your field-service workers in realtime on the map view. Have and overview of the field service happening in real-time, verify work, view documentation and assign tasks. You can also send the field-service workers to the nearest task to optimize their work and save time. 

Keep the driving books recording all the trips of your field-service workers, including speed and kilometers. Use NFC tags for a fast and easy registration of the worker at the specific car. You can also register a Tool at the car, so the others can see who is using it and where. 

Use IntelliFinder software modules


Use IntelliFinder supplementary equipment

QR Code Stickers – Bar Code Stickers – NFC Tag

In the IntelliFinder system everything is  organised around a Site. A Site can be anything that has a fixed location, that can be saved with GPS coordinates.

A Site could be for example a  point along a fiber-optical duct, a telecom mast, a factory  or one of its machines, a CCTV camera – anything you’d like to save in the system.


To the Site you can assign documents, photos, forms, logbooks, tasks, projects and much more. Every detail about the Site can be saved in the system, and easily accessed.

You can group your Sites in Categories and manage them from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Everything you save is saved in the Cloud, so you can access your data anytime and anywhere.

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