Task management


Task Management

The task module allows you to set up your internal and external workflows based on main and sub-tasks. You can define several task sequences and apply them to different projects. By structuring the task, you ensure standardised documentation versions and hence increase the data quality. Each employee is guided based on the task structure and documents the required data and information following the specified guidelines.

The form module enables you to receive the required measurements, photo documentation, information, materials and much more. To guarantee quality, you can approve or reject completed tasks. Rejected tasks are marked as incomplete and allow your teams to receive and correct the rejection reason.

With the help of a start and end date, you define the time axis for every task. Your employees can use the navigation in the app to drive directly to their task location.

Use IntelliFinder software modules

Sites, Multi-Sites, Tasks, Projects, Notes, Forms, Job Plans, Contacts.

Use IntelliFinder supplementary equipment

QR Code, RFID Tags, NFC Tags.

In the IntelliFinder system everything is  organised around a Site. A Site can be anything that has a fixed location, that can be saved with GPS coordinates.

A Site could be for example a  point along a fiber-optical duct, a telecom mast, a factory  or one of its machines, a CCTV camera – anything you’d like to save in the system.


To the Site you can assign documents, photos, forms, logbooks, tasks, projects and much more. Every detail about the Site can be saved in the system, and easily accessed.

You can group your Sites in Categories and manage them from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Everything you save is saved in the Cloud, so you can access your data anytime and anywhere.

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