Location-based Resource Management Software

How to use IntelliFinderIn the Telecom Industry

  • Digitalized documentation of the entire service work
  • Increasing quality control with photo documentation
  • Full management of your teams & subcontractors

Maintenance & Preventive Maintenance

Keep the municipality assets in a good condition and manage tasks related to maintenance and preventive maintenance.

  • Set up recurring tasks
  • Ensure the right data collection
  • Keep the full history


Integrate easily your workflow. Recreate your work process in IntelliFinder, assign & guide all teams & subcontractors in one platform.

  • Add photo documentation
  • Add forms
  • Setup start & end date


Add all resources and keep track of all resource utilization for each project and all task performed by your teams and subcontractors.

  • Add materials to tasks
  • Add your warehouses
  • Overview stock count

Telecom with IntelliFinder


IntelliFinder designed the perfect solution to meet your business needs.

With our modules, you can set up the workflow according to your work process in the telecom industry.

IntelliFinder comes with a great combination of Mobile App for your field employees and desktop version for the office.

How it works

With our task and form module, you can recreate the workflow in IntelliFinder for each task area. You can make sure that your teams are collecting the right data and are performing the task according to the requirements. Thanks to the stock module your employee can add materials to the task they are performing and you will have the overview of your stock count. The task module helps you to assign easily work to your teams and subcontractors. And you get a map overview of all locations of your projects and tasks, also where your teams & subcontractors are currently working on. You can track how long your teams & subcontractors need to optimise future planning.


  • Localize all work on a map and track work progresses on these locations
  • With the help of photo documentation, your teams and subcontractors confirm the right installation and construction
  • Digital documentation of the work on-site and it is in real-time available for you
  • Stay in control at any time, keep the overview with a map overview and track the task progress at any time anywhere


Tasks areas in the telecom industry like:

    1. Construction and installation of telecommunication masts
    2. Cable roll-out for FTTH deployment
    3. Wireless connection

Set up your workflow in the tasks module and add forms to ensure digital documentation in all areas. Facilitate your teams’ work and receive all data in real-time. Contact us for more information

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