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Whether you are a professional IT solution reseller or you have your own business – IntelliFinder invites you to join us in our success. You can either just recommend us to your business partners or fully emerge in a learning process and resell our IT solution. Whatever you choose you will profit and build up your own portfolio. We are looking forward to starting to work with you!

Become our Ambassador

If you have a great knowledge about a particular industry and can see how IntelliFinder can apply to different businesses, refer the Customers to us. We do the rest, and you get a fee if a contract is signed.

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Resell IntelliFinder solutions to your Customers. Learn about our products and receive IntelliFinder support along the sales process. Close the deals and get your share in the income as long as the Customers stay with us. 

This is who we are

Our mission is to make resource saving software while placing the Customer at the absolute centre of everything we do. We help people to improve their work by making it easier and less stressful and so enhance their general well-being.


Take it with you, carry out across your network and benefit from growing your business.

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Get your industry knowledge to work for you

profit form the network you have built. Promote the unique product with a proven track record and earn from opening the doors for us.

Work with a company with industry recognition

Build your own expertise on working and recommending IntelliFinder cutting-edge software.

Build your business

around IntelliFinder comprehensive product portfolio. Differentiate your offer from your competition. Develop your expertise, get ahead and win new Customers.

Get trained

by IntelliFinder to acquire knowledge on our software and how it can be implemented in different industries.  

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