The IntelliFinder Scanner

The Finder is our ultimate scanner designed to localise underground RFID Tags with the support of the IntelliFinder App.

The scanner

Find your hidden locations.

Use The Finder to localise RFID Tags assigned to your Sites.The Finder will call your Site form the IntelliFinder system when its head will reach RFID Tag’s range.

With the Finder you can precisely localise your Site and minimise excavation work.

Scanner specification


Up to 100 cm

Battery life

12 hours


Adjustable length to maximise comfort: 130 – 155 cm


Scanner: 5,5 kg
Support harness: 0,9 kg

The scanner

The performance

The Finder pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and works together with the IntelliFinder App.

Place your smartphone on the tray and enable “Scanner” mode in the IntelliFinder App.
The App will guide you to the chosen Site with Compass or Navigation.
When you are near the Site start scanning the ground with the Finder.
When you’ll be directly above the RFID Tag assigned to your Site, the Finder will signal you and the IntelliFinder App will display the Site’s information confirming that you are in the right location.

The scanner

The design
  • The Finder has been designed with user’s comfort in mind.
  • The device is perfectly balanced and can be used with one hand only.
  • The ergonomic handle and elbow support ensure a firm grip.
  • support harness is included to additionally relieve hand muscles.
  • Adjustable smartphone tray provides an easy access to the IntelliFinder App and Navigation screen display.

Like the scanner? Remember to order tags to use it!

We sell RFID tags that work with the scanner.
Tags & stickers
RFID Tags & QR-code stickers
When you have set up your IntelliFinder app, you can incorporate our innovative RFID tags. Scan them above or below the ground, inside a wall – or where ever you have put them. They can contain important data. 
Disc RFID Tag
A powerful RFID tag with the biggest range. Can be mounted on any under-ground or hidden installation. For tagging under-ground cables, pipes, and more.
Card RFID Tag
Our most versatile RFID tag. Can be mounted vertically on any under-ground or hidden installation. Can be used for tagging under-ground cable, pipes, and more.
Mini Card RFID Tag
Mini RFID tag for short range use
can be mounted vertically on any underground or hidden installation directly or by using the warning tape on the backside of the RFID tag.

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