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IntelliFinder gives you real-time overview and control of work progress of all teams within a project.

What's included in the free trial?

Full access to IntelliFinder for 30 days.

Space for your team to shared data and collaborate.

Admin controls for your project managers.

IntelliFinder support.

Why IntelliFinder

Get the right tasks done correctly in the right order

Map your buildings/machines/Sites or networks.

Send the people with the right skills to the right place. Define the workflow, so your people can follow it with no mistakes.

Make sure the tasks are done correctly and in the right order.
Manage everything in connection to geographical locations.
Map your buildings/machines/assets (Sites) or networks.

Keep a full documentation history of your Sites.

Assign Tasks and Projects related to your mapped Sites.

Define geographical clusters to work on for specific contractors.
Ditch pen and paper, spreadsheets and emails as your quality control tool.

Create a customized form for your teams, subcontractors and customers.

With IntelliFinder you can make sure that all required data is added to the form. ​
We designed a task management module allowing you to recreate workflows to guide employees and subcontractors through the entire work progress.

Ensure the right data collection along with the task performance. Collect any data you need, starting from measurements, connections, materials, customer information and more.

With our photo documentation option, you get onsite documentation in real-time. ​

“IntelliFinder is a great tool which we use as a simple module of AutoCAD, storing information about our facility’s infrastructure and important data concerning our technical devices. Its huge advantage is that it can be used also by non-technical staff and contractors. I’m sure it will continue saving company’s time and money in the future.”

Michael R. Gudmundsson

Facility Manager, Lindø Port of Odense, Denmark

You're In Good Company

Diverse organizations, from large enterprises to small business, improved their work using IntelliFinder

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